One Direction fan Alex Lomas spent the 10 hour flight chatting and laughing with the long-haired star - lucky girl!

The chance to spend just a few minutes with their idols is surely top of every self-respecting One Direction fan’s Christmas list.


But one fan got to spend a whole ten hours with 1D star Harry Styles after discovering that he was her seat neighbour on a recent flight!

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She should go but a lottery ticket immediately as she’s clearly the LUCKIEST GIRL IN THE WORLD.

Alex Lomas discovered she was sitting next to Haz when she boarded a flight from Los Angeles to Manchester – and took the opportunity to take a LOT of selfies with the long-haired lothario.

The super fan then flooded her Instagram account with the snaps, whilst revealing that Harry was ‘so lovely’ and had spent time ‘laughing and joking’ with her.

‘You were so lovely and you took your time to have a nice long chat with me thank you so much!!!’ Alex posted.

‘He took his time with me and we carted for ages and we were laughing and joking it was amazing,’ she added.

The super fan also revealed they discussed their plans for the festive season, with Harry confessing he was returning home for the holidays.

Alex went on to reveal that they ‘didn’t talk the whole 10 hours’ as Hazza needed to get some much-needed beauty sleep.

She wrote: ‘He was asleep for ages and he looked bloody adorable.’

And, when faced with a barrage of tweets asking for a snap of the former X Factor finalist snoozing, Alex responded: ‘To all who are asking no i never took a pic of him sleeping its just rude and disrespectful!!’

She also confirmed what we pretty much already knew – that Harry Styles is a Perfect human being.

Alex tweeted: ‘He is as lovely as you all hope and wish and even more!!!’

Oh Harry.

Harry Styles Perfect GIF