It's a really tough dilemma for One Direction fans

Following Liam’s ‘Olivia’ teaser video last week, it looks like yet another song from the One Direction album Made in the AM has been leaked. This time it’s ‘Never Enough’, which a small number of fans leaked after an intimate ‘first listen’ event in the States. The more One Direction the better, right? Well, it seems some fans HAVE had enough…

To be fair, the boys had done a private gig and probably expected the song to be held back until the official release date. The band’s fans are not only loyal, they also have a pretty unbreakable sense of right and wrong when it comes to One Direction.

Not to mention VERY good memories for everything Liam Payne said last July. That’s impressive guys!


Anyway, it’s totes getting personal.

Meanwhile, many fans are facing a life changing dilemma. Give in and listen to the leaked version, or compromise their morals? JUST. SO. TOUGH.


To cope, they have come up with the hashtag ‘ThingsToLeakInsteadOfTheAlbum’ – which OBVS had gone totally viral.

There are a few naughty requests involving Harry’s alleged ‘nudes’:

Some TOTES practical…

Because come on boys, we need to know.

And some VERY specific – and kind of bizarre – tastes involving seeing the boys in their natural habitat. Is this REALLY what you want?

Whatever floats your boat!

Meanwhile, the One Direction boys have maintained a dignified silence across their social media account since the leak.

Will you be holding back, or is the pull of another One Direction single just too much?

Francesca Specter/@ChezSpecter