One Direction’s Harry Styles was spotted on a date this week with ‘Victorious’ actress Daniella Monet. Cue all-round hysterical sobbing from teens around the world...

Harry, Harry, Harry. Must you break our hearts again?

The One Direction lad has only gone and got a new lady, this time in the form of actress Daniella Monet, 25, from Nickelodeon show Victorious.

And guess what? She’s gorgeous. *sob*

The pair were seen out on a date at a Coldplay concert on Wednesday 17 September. Erm, cutest date location ever?

Daniella may now be the envy of all girls everywhere but, if you’re anything like us, we bet you don’t actually know much about her.

So to get you in the loop, here are five things you need to know.

Oh, and by the way… It’s JUICY.

1. She’s a kids’ TV legend
As well as Victorious, Daniella has also starred in Nickleodeon‘s Fred movies and the Fairly Odd Parents films; plus The Bernie Mac Show, 8 Simple Rules and Zoey 101. Talented girl, this one.

2. She’s super fit and healthy
Daniella eats a vegan diet and works out like crazy. You can’t get a body like that overnight, you know! She lifts weights to tone her stomach and even posted an Instagram snap of her running a 10k – ON HOLIDAY. She’ll need it to keep up with our Harry!

3. She loves animals. Like, loads
Daniella told PETA how much she hates animal dissection, recalling an incident in school when she was asked to dissect a squid and ended up in the nurses room, crying. She’s been a vegetarian since she was five and a vegan for 11 years.

4. She’s a massive 1D fan
YAY! Daniella loves the boy-band and has been to several of their concerts. She recently watched them at Rose Bowl and tweeted: Thoroughly enjoying the @onedirection concert right now.

That’s all well and good Daniella, but next time you’re watching our fave band you should probs stay off your phone… Or give us your ticket. #SorryNotSorry

5. Buuuuut (and it’s a big but’)…
Dun dun duuuuuun!
Last month, Daniella posted an Instagram snap of her and boyfriend’ Andrew Gardner, wishing him a happy four-year anniversary. And as we haven’t heard otherwise, we’re assuming they’re still together.

…..And suddenly, universal balance has been restored. WE LOVE YOU HAZZA!


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