The Wanted suggest One Direction meet up with them to settle their differences

The Wanted have offered One Direction to settle their differences once and for all – with a fight.

The rival boy bands have been locked in a war of words over who is best for months, and Jay McGuin­ess thinks the only way to settle it will be with traditional fisticuffs.

‘It’d have to be a pub brawl, wouldn’t it?’ he says.

‘And we wouldn’t be doing any of that fancy fighting. It’s not like we know kung fu or anything. We’d just do what boys do.’

Jay, 22, thinks he and Max George, Nathan Sykes, Tom Parker and Siva Kaneswaran would win a fight between the groups.

‘I think they fancy us really. It’s just their way of flirting,’ says Max, 24.

‘It all started because we said they were like the Jonas Brothers. But we like the Jonas Brothers. We didn’t mean it offensively.’

The boy band battle stepped up in November.

Max tweeted Zayn Malik, 19: ‘Tell me you’re problems without the 8 security in NYC… The only problem I have with you is the s**t banter. Grow up son.

Zayn replied back: ‘I’d f**king love to, see you in new York big man ha u clown.’

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