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Katie Price has entered into the Kate Hopkins fat debate – and reckons the controversial columnist looks BETTER after putting on weight.

Writing in her Now magazine column this week, Katie P says she prefers the way Katie Hopkins looks after putting on three and a half stone for a TV documentary.

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Katie H, 39, has been eating a shocking 6,500 calories a day to see her weight go from 8st 8lb to 12st in just three months. She will then lose all the weight again in three months as part of a social experiment to prove that it IS possible for obese people to lose weight if they want to.

Writing in her column, Pricey says: ‘Katie Hopkins has piled on the pounds to show how easy it is to lose

‘I’m not sure tackling obesity by becoming an eating machine is
the best approach, but she does look good with a fuller figure – I think
it suits her!’

Katie Price also discusses the fact that her and husband Kieran Hayler are STILL trying to decide on a name for their baby daughter, who was born last month.

She writes: ‘I’m loving every minute with my new daughter. But, at the time of
going to press, the six-week deadline to register her birth is almost
upon us! It’s so difficult to choose a name as I set my standards with

‘Bean, as I’m calling her for the moment, needs a name to be up there like that.

‘We have some ideas, but it could be a case of drawing one out of the hat!’

She also talks about the iCloud nude pictures hacking scandal and how she REALLY feels about Kelly Brook after she last week called her ‘brash and common’.

Watch out, Kelly…

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