We take a look back at The Apprentice flings over the years...

Oh, the workplace romance…no one’s above it, not even The Apprentice contestants Elle Stevenson and Mergim Butaja. After getting plastered at fellow contestant Natalie Dean’s party in Coventry, the pair ended up doing the deed together in a spare bedroom.

‘They kept poking fun at each other and acting like teenagers, then snuck away from the group and had sex. Next morning they had sore heads and it seems regret crept in. They’ve kept in touch since but a full-blown romance is unlikely,’ a source told The Sun. We’ve all been there…


This isn’t the first time that romance has blossomed on The Apprentice. Here are four more times that candidates have got down to business…

James Hill and Lauren Riley

The pair got together during filming of the show last year. ‘It didn’t take James long to woo Lauren,’ a source told The Sun’s TVBiz, ‘They had a fairly full-on fling. They were always sneaking off.’

Jordan Poulton and Luisa Zissman

They hooked up after a booze-fuelled dinner hosted by Lord Alan Sugar on the 2013 shows – and then spent a lot of time hooking up in cupboards in The Apprentice house.

Gabrielle Omar and Nick Holzherr

The pair were rivals on the 2012 show, but got together after filming finished, breaking up with their respective partners to be with each other.

Plus The Apprentice’s biggest love story…Kate Walsh and Phil Taylor

Kate and Phil met on the show in 2009, and have been together ever since. They currently live together in London. Phil is still selling the Body-Rocka, a fitness product that he developed on The Apprentice.