And it’s not what you’d have thought – saucy Sienna Miller!

We’d be lying if we didn’t say that the sex secrets of the stars aren’t ETERNALLY fascinating to us. Sex sells – and we want to know how celebs are doing it, and who with, and all the nitty gritty gross bits in between. And you do too, so stop blushing.

But it’s not often you get an A-lister revealing what gives them the big O. Only, actual Sienna Miller has.

Sienna gets all turned on by FOOD. If this wasn’t the most apt time ever to reference the aubergine emoji (and that naughty peach that looks like a bum) then we don’t know when is.


She has ‘culinary orgasms’, you see. OK, OK, she’s not revealing that she heads down to her local fetish club, but she’s WELL into food.

She stars in foodie film Burnt with Bradley Cooper (and being near Bradley is enough to get anyone – literally, anyone, be it man, woman or fish hot under the collar, if you ask us).

He plays a chef who’s determined to gain back his Michelin stars after destroying his career with a drink and drugs bender. Cook us dinner, won’t you, Bradders? We promise we’ll eat everything you put on the plate, even if you’re a rubbish cook IRL.

Sienna and Bradley were at a press event for the film and Sienna revealed:

‘I’m so easy, I love food so much. I regularly have culinary orgasms.’

Us too, Sienna, especially over that M&S tiramisu we’re going to be having when we get home tonight.

In the trailer for the film, Bradley tells his teams of chefs: ‘Cooking is an expression of who we are. We should be dealing in culinary orgasms.’

Damn straight.

But the next person who spies a can of whipped cream in Sienna Miller’s fridge, well, hey… we’re just sayin’.