Cristiano Ronaldo has posted a half naked picture – but can you see what's wrong with it?

Naked Cristiano Ronaldo. The three words we all want to hear.

The famous football legend has posted a picture to his Instagram from the photoshoot for this year’s CR7 Underwear campaign. But as much as we’ve spent the morning staring at those delicious, oiled-up abs of his, we couldn’t help but notice something slightly embarrassing about the pic.

It seems gorgeous Ronaldo and his gorgeous tan might not be all au natural – check out those white hands!

Now, we’ve had a few fake tanning disasters in our time, so we’re not here to judge. But one thing is for sure, we know tan trouble when we see it.

It seems either Ronaldo has a tan artist who has missed two whole body parts (and should probably be given a stern talking to) or, even more hilariously, Ronny boyapplied the tan himself and forgot to take the gloves off at the end. Criiinge!

Luckily, this guy has the face and bod to smile through tan trauma and get away with it. We still fancy him, but it doesn’t stop us from laughing.

Ronaldo recently split from long-term girlfriend, model Irina Shayk and is seriously showing her what she’s missing in this gorgeous new shoot, as him and his muscles swing from gymnastic rings in teeny tiny pants. Oof.

Commenting on the underwear collection, Ronaldo said: ‘I love vibrant colours and underwear is a great way to experiment with different looks. The bright pink and red in the new collection and the bold pattern gives it a distinctive look for Spring/Summer – I like to make sure that the collection stands out! I’m really proud of it.’

That’s great, Cristiano. Now please be quiet so we can stare undisturbed at your gorgeous pics – white hands and all. 

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Kim Gregory