Peter Andre opens up about Strictly Come Dancing 'pressure' as he brushes off X Factor rivalry

Strictly Come Dancing kicks off this weekend, thus commencing the months-long war against rival show The X Factor – eek, we can’t wait!

Simon Cowell SLAMS Peter Andre


Simon Cowell has already fanned the flames by making a jibe about Strictly and bookies’ favourite contestant Peter Andre and now Pete, 42, has issued a rather cheeky response.

Music mogul Simon, 55, suggested that X Factor would easily beat Strictly in the ratings war, having recently told reporters: ‘This show does feel better, the talent’s great, they’re interesting, so if it’s us versus Peter Andre, I’m going to put my money on us.’

But Pete has brushed off the remarks and jokingly said that Simon actually has a real soft spot for him and Strictly!

‘Oh he loves us really… he loves us!’ Pete said at the press launch of the dancing show this week. Er, if you say so, Pete!

It comes after it was revealed that the ratings for this year’s opening episode of The X Factor had fallen dramatically from last year’s figures, having lost more than one million viewers.

The show will overlap with the return of Strictly Come Dancing this weekend so it’ll be VERY interesting to see who comes out on top!

In the meantime Pete isn’t concerning himself with the ratings war and is instead focusing on his skills on the dance floor.

The singer might be favourite to win but he’s worried that the pressure of such an accolade could turn out to be a bad thing.

‘That is the worst pressure anyone could have… you can’t stuff up once,’ he told HuffPost UK. ‘That’s what’s scary.’

Pete also thinks that he faces stiff competition from his fellow Strictly Come Dancing stars, having said: ‘And that could all change once we actually start dancing, people will look and they’ll go that person’s good, that person’s alright.

‘Even if you’re good at one style of dancing, you can’t have your thumbs up, you’ve got to have your chest out, you’ve got to have your shoulders back. It’s different for everyone.’

We still think you’ll be awesome, Pete – and maybe Simon secretly does too!

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