Cheryl Cole's Ice Bucket Challenge video is a lot more shocking than you first realise


The wonderful Cheryl Cole has finally participated in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge – and, we won’t lie, we got VERY excited when we first watched it.

We already knew before watching it that she would look perfect in the video, despite having a bucket of ice water thrown over her head, but we didn’t bargain for the other surprising things we would learn about the X Factor judge.

Not only has Cheryl made the video with new husband Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini, she’s also in a beautiful seaside location that got our showbiz senses tingling. Where is she? What is she doing there? Oh my God, what does her French T-shirt mean?! WE MUST KNOW!

And to prevent you from going through the same stresses that we did (it was a difficult time), Now can reveal our shock discoveries. Just call us Sherlock

1. Her T-shirt is VERY rude
Tut tut, Cheryl Fernandez-Versini – maybe you should have checked with your French husband Jean-Bernard what your T-shirt translates to before you make a viral video!

After some extensive research, we’ve found out that Cheryl‘s t-shirt message ‘PUTIN MERDE’, is actually a French profanity that can mean several things – including, when directly translated to English, ‘f***ing sh*t’. Charming!

However, the phrase would hold much less offence if read by an actual French person (rather than Google translate), proving Cheryl is already learning loads about her beau’s language.

2. Her accent
Chezza might be on her way to mastering the language of love, but having a French hubby has by no means affected that mighty Geordie accent of hers. Wye aye, Jean-Bernard!

3. Her husband wears slummy tracksuit bottoms!
Dapper hubby JB is not often seen without a sleek suit. But in this vid he’s wearing a baseball cap and comfy jogging bottoms. And guess what? He STILL looks hot (obviously). Swoooon!

4. Her location
With this year’s X Factor in full flow, where else would Cheryl be holidaying except in the South of France where she’s reportedly filming the judges’ houses stage? We wonder if the future X Factor winner was behind the camera to witness the challenge.

5. Her look
One word to describe Cheryl? Ermmm, GORGEOUS. And now we’ve got the proof, given that she still looks pretty perfect with barely any make-up and soaking wet hair. Chezza, we bow down.

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