Does Caroline Flack have a new boyfriend? Check out this pic!

We’ve not heard much about Caroline Flack‘s love life since she split from boyfriend-of-18-months Jack Street in December, after the relationship came to a ‘natural end’.

Let’s face it: she’s been too busy winning the Strictly Come Dancing glitterball trophy, swanning round Jamaica with best friend Lou Teasdale and generally being the wonderful starlet that she is.

But now, it seems that Caroline may have jumped back on the dating wagon. Eek!

Cazza posted this selfie to Instagram, with the caption: ‘You can’t see this but somebody is rubbing my feet!!!!

Ooo err! Could she have bagged herself a mystery man? And more importantly, one gentlemanly enough to be giving her a foot rub?! We wonder if she’ll let us borrow him for the evening, these heels are kinda starting to hurt…

Flack set tongues wagging last month when she posted a mirror picture of her looking all snazzy and dressed up, with the caption: ‘Dinner date‘.

With her gorgeous pins on display in a tiny pair of shorts, Caroline certainly showed ex, Jack Street, what he was missing – and her mystery date how lucky they are.

Could this elusive, foot-rubbing lad be the same guy she got all dressed up for in January?

Flack has just finished the Strictly Come Dancing Live Tour – and partner Pascha Kovalev reckons it won’t be the last performance we’ll see from the celeb:

‘I think she’s loving what she’s doing – being a presenter and that’s her main career – but I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw her somewhere in the West End. That would be amazing. She’s ready to be a little bit more of an actress – being someone in Chicago would be cool to see.’

Yay! Keep up the good work, Caz.

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By Kim Gregory