#LiamWeKnowItWasYou trends worldwide as fans accuse One Direction's Liam Payne of sabotaging the bands upcoming release!

Uh oh! It seems Liam Payne could be in big trouble today if the accusations flying around the Twittersphere are anything to go by.

As One Direction‘s hugely anticipated new single Steal My Girl mysteriously leaked online late Saturday night, days before its grand radio debut, Directioner’s quickly jumped into FBI mode investigating who would do such a thing as to gift them with free music prior to the official release.

There are some truly horrible people in the world, aren’t there?

Most surprising of all though, after what appeared to be a 4 second investigation – their prime suspect was Mr Liam Payne himself as they began trending #LiamWeKnowItWasYou worldwide.

It’s like a game of Cluedo isn’t it? LIAM DID IT IN THE STUDY WITH HIS MACBOOK PRO!

Their suspicions came following a series of tweets from the pop star minutes before the track hit the web, expressing his boredom and frustrations at being unable to sleep due to being too hot and his TV being broken. 

We’ve all been there haven’t we…

Nothing to watch, wide awake, too hot, hopelessly sweating the night away into our pyjamas – what’s a boy to do?

Er, apparently leak your own track to the internet and send millions of fans around the globe into a complete and utter frenzy?

Although we doubt Liam is behind the leak, it didn’t stop him teasing over excited fans even more by then tweeting he was about to leak the album too. Cheeky!


Oh how we like a man that doesn’t take life too seriously! 

The track in question, which isn’t about adultery or kidnap as the title may suggest – was every bit as perfect as we’d hoped.

Especially during the moment Zayn Malik let his inner-Mariah out with a high note so heavenly it made us tingle in places we shouldn’t be tingling. 

Joshua Fox

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