Vicky can't remember her night out

Vicky Pattison‘s dramatic weight loss seems to have affected her alcohol tolerance.

The Geordie Shore star was left nursing a severe hangover yesterday after a ‘messy’ night out on New Year’s Eve with Jenna Jonathan from reality show The Valleys.

I cannot remember a thing from lastnight… @ImperialBar1 and all of St. Helens for that matter, I owe you an apology… I am a twat,’ Vicky, 26, told her Twitter followers on Wednesday morning.

There are not enough carbs in the world to get me through today… #hangoverfromhell

Vicky recently slimmed down from a size 16 to a trim size 6/8 but broke her healthy eating regime to tuck into a serious feast.

Death by carbs… #soz #notsoz #nandos #canyoudiefromahangover?!‘ the reality star posted with a snap of her meal on Instagram.

The newly svelte Vicky is no stranger to drink but thinks her hangovers have become much worse since she’s lost weight.

Such a blur.. My small body can no longer withstand the alcohol abuse.. I’m an utter lightweight!!!‘ the Newcastle lass Tweeted.

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