Did Selena go commando?

Selena Gomez gave audience members a bit more than they bargained for at a gig on Sunday.

The singer, 20, was performing at the AMP Radio Birthday Bash in Boston, Massachusetts and got a bit carried away with some energetic dancing.

Selena’s revealing split dress gave a glimpse of what appeared to be flesh-coloured underpants, though many have speculated that she may have been going commando.

The former Disney starlet didn’t let the embarrassing slip bother her though and carried on with her lively performance.

Later that day Selena, who split from Justin Bieber earlier this year, Tweeted that she’d had a great time at the show and was keen to hit the road with her upcoming tour.

What an amazing crowd! Thank you @1033ampradio #AmpBdayBash,’ the Spring Breakers star told her Twitter fans.

Getting stoked for my tour!


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