Spencer Matthews doesn't spend half a million on a night out

Spencer Matthews Tweeted a photo of an extraordinary bar bill for £488,706.08 at the weekend.

He appeared to have run up the humungous tab on Saturday night at private members’ club Morton’s, in Berkeley Square, Mayfair.

But it turns out the bill was really £48 and the error was simply a barmaid’s mistake.

‘My heart skipped a beat or two and I was concerned that prices had gone up a bit since I’d last been at the club only a few days before,’ Spennie, 25, tells the Mail Online, ‘but it didn’t take Sherlock Holmes to work out the mystery of the six-figure bill.

‘It was resolved very quickly and we had a good laugh about it, but then I made a schoolboy error of judgement – I Tweeted the bill. It was meant to be a joke.

‘Surely no one could seriously think I would drop £500K on a round of drinks. Wrong.’

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