Miranda Kerr's ex was self-conscious

Orlando Bloom admits it took him a long time to come to terms with fame.

The actor, who got his break as elf Legolas in The Lord Of The Rings trilogy, didn’t know how to deal with the constant attention he started to receive.

‘[I found being famous] jarring, quite paralysing, when I was younger,’ says Orlando, 37.

‘I spent about three years with a hat on trying to not be, because my life felt very exposed.

‘[It] was a bit like being hit by a bulldozer. Nobody teaches you how to handle that, how to behave – you know?’

Orlando also struggled with his self-esteem and didn’t believe in himself as an actor.

‘[I swung between] taking myself too seriously, the kiss of death, [and self-doubt],’ Miranda Kerr‘s ex tells The Times Magazine.

‘As a young actor I was very self-conscious. I didn’t feel, like, worthy – as if I hadn’t worked enough for it – even if I had done my time at drama school and worked my arse off.’

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