Loose Women star had emergency op and stitches

Carol Vorderman has admitted she feels a complete idiot’ after breaking her nose in a dramatic fall.

The TV presenter was running down a flight of stairs whilst wearing 4in heels following a meeting in London and took a nasty tumble.

With her hands in her pockets, Carol was unable to protect herself and fell face first into the corner of a wall.

The Loose Women star was taken to hospital by boyfriend Graham Duff and had to have an emergency op on her nose along with stitches on her forehead and eyelid.

I’m feeling OK,’ says Carol, 52.

But because I had my hands in my coat pockets while I was running, I had nothing to break my fall except my head.

I really do look like I’ve done eight rounds with Muhammad Ali! The bruising round my eye has reached its peak.’

Whilst Carol is thankful that she didn’t cause any more serious damage to her skull, she admits she feels a bit foolish.

I feel like a complete idiot and have had to cancel work for a few weeks,’ the mum-of-two tells The Sun.

So there’ll be no Loose Women for me for a while. I have a plaster cast on my nose for a week and hope that the swelling starts to go down.’

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Anna Francis