Actor gets injured making new movie

Jake Gyllenhaal had to be treated at hospital after dramatically punching a mirror on Wednesday morning.

The actor, 32, was filming an intense scene for latest movie Nightcrawler at the end of an 18-hour day when he accidentally broke the looking glass and cut his hand.

Jake flipped out,’ a source tells People.

His character was looking into a mirror during the scene and punched the mirror in anger and broke it, cutting himself so bad he had to be taken to a hospital.

The scene was emotionally charged and his character was talking into a mirror and he got so into it, he banged his hands against the mirror and it broke and cut him.

It was all the scene and not because he was mad about anything else.’

Jake was released from hospital two hours later after receiving stitches in the emergency department and returned to the film set later that day.

The actor plays struggling reporter Lou in the flick and has gone to extreme lengths to portray the character.

He’s shed over 20lb, shocking fans with his gaunt frame, and recently admitted that he wanted to feel as hungry as his on-screen persona.

It takes place in a land where I think there is a desert in a lot of ways, great opulence, and at the same time, great vastness and emptiness,’ the movie star explains to Us Weekly.

I knew that [Lou] was literally and figuratively hungry, [so I got into a] mode where I was always a bit hungry.’

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