TMI! Jamie Oliver has admitted burning his manhood while rustling up a meal naked - apart from a bowtie down below. Yes really....

We’d expect chef Jamie Oliver to be a bit of a whizz in the kitchen, whipping up a treat while saying: ‘Pukka’ a lot.

But things don’t always go according to plan for the chef, who revealed he once burnt his bow-tied penis (WTF?! Yes really) cooking a romantic meal for wife Jools.

Appearing on the Graham Norton show Friday evening, the 39-year-old Naked Chef recalls how the culinary mishap left him soothing his private parts with a packet of frozen peas.

The words TMI spring to mind!

‘I am a romantic, so I had cleaned the house, I had Sade on and I was cooking sea bass,’ he says. ‘I should add I was also completely naked apart from a bow on my manhood.

‘I opened the oven and a jet of steam burnt my penis. It was really, really, really painful and I screamed which wasn’t very romantic. I had to pack myself with frozen peas. I was so swollen but it was so painful. It was a bitter sweet experience!’

Sounds more bitter than sweet to us Jamie but still… we hope Jools saw the funny side! The chef also admits he was ‘hated’ by men when he kicked off his career, but won over critics with his culinary skills, which even once helped him escape a head bashing.

‘When I started Naked Chef,cooking was for girls but when it finished it was “cooking got you girls”,’ he continued.

‘For the first couple of years men hated me, I got so much abuse. I literally got chased down a road once.

‘This massive lump of a guy got hold of me, pinned me up against a wall and I thought he was going to hit me and then his face softened and he said, ‘If I’d met you a month ago I would have punched in the head but actually I’m pretty good at cooking now so thank you very much’.

Big LOLz.

Catch Jamie on The Graham Norton Show tonight at 10.35pm on BBC1 alongside Victoria Wood, Sir Ian McKellen and One Direction

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