Presenter was naked in the kitchen and singed his willy


Nick Knowles injured his penis over the weekend.

The DIY SOS presenter was baking while stark naked and got too close to the hot cooker at his home in Fulham, west London.

‘Just singed the end of my Hampton when I accidentally touched it on the open oven door while putting the crumble in a pre-heated oven,’ Nick, 47, wrote on Twitter.

‘Hampton, as in rhyming slang, Hampton Wick. Work it out.

‘That’ll teach me to cook in the nude. Didn’t half make me jump.’

Nick eventually managed to ease him pain by putting his willy in a glass of Pimm’s.

‘Tried butter but now have relief with it in a pint of Pimm’s and ice,’ he wrote. ‘Phew.’

Nick‘s rep says he has since recovered.

‘Maybe he has learnt a lesson,’ she tells The Sun.

Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay once burnt one of testicles while cooking in thin cotton trousers.