Lindsay Lohan may be the world's worst (pa)role model

Another week, another Linday Lohan scandal.

So far this year Li-Lo‘s been kicked out of two LA hotels and been accused of taking Elizabeth Taylor‘s bracelet from a film set – later returned by a friend.

Last week she was back in court, charged with lying to police and alleged reckless driving.

She denies all the charges.

Linds, 26, faces financial woes, too – after firing long-term lawyer Shawn Holley, she now owes £190,000 in legal fees.

How low can she go?

Phillip Hodson of the British Association For Counselling And Psychotherapy says: ‘The reason some stars are drinking more and falling apart?

‘Well, your youth is the time when you should be pushing limits – but because their world treats them so indulgently, they’re acting even more recklessly.’

Read more about Out Of Control stars in Now magazine dated 11 February 2013 – out now!


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