Well he has got form. So much form.

Is anyone actually surprised that Spencer Matthews has already moved on from Lauren Hutton?

Not us sir. Just hours after Now confirmed that Spenny and Lauren were no more, images of Spencer kissing a pretty blonde outside a London hotspot emerged.

The 26-year-old lothario was smooching up a storm with aspiring singer Emma Walsh after a night out at Mahiki on Tuesday.

The pictures were published on Wednesday, just hours after Spencer’s ex-girlfriend posted a picture of herself and the former MIC star naked in bed along with the caption: ‘Spoons,’ a rep for Spenny boi confirmed to Now that he is now, in fact, single.

Perhaps it was news to Lauren too.

So who, aside from presumably Lauren, is shocked by Spencer’s womanizing ways?

Not us – he’s got form! Oh so much form.

And just who is Emma? Well, from a quick stalk on her Instagram page we learn that she’s a singer from Cape Town, SA, currently living in London. It seems she likes working out, cocktails and fast cars.

According to reports Spencer and Emma shared a cab back to her place and although he escorted her inside he didn’t sleep over.

It’s also been claimed that Lauren was spotted at Spencer’s home the following morning. Awkward.

Don’t feel too sorry for Lauren though – she’s been spending some time with some serious eye candy of late.

Former Made in Chelsea star Fran Newman-Young recently posted a snap of Lauren cozying up with some a bunch of lads, lads, lads, including Thom Evans and also ex-Westlife member Brian McFadden.

We have a feeling you’ll be just fine Lauren.