Baywatch babe says she still has the scar from the little bloodsuckers

At 40 Pamela Anderson still looks like a life-size Barbie doll: petite with perfect skin.

But she says she was permanently scarred when she was a little girl.

‘I have a scar on my left shoulder where leeches attacked me in a lake when I was nine,’ she explains.

The former Baywatch star has held onto one of her sexy red swimsuits from the hit TV series and the men in her life have enjoyed seeing her in it.

‘I did have quite a few, but they’ve disappeared over the years. I put the last survivor on every once in a while for my boyfriends – just for fun.’

Pammie is now single and likes it that way. The only male she pines for is her pooch, who she reckons was the love of her life.

‘My dog Star passed away – I had him for 17 years,’ she says. ‘I remember him when he was six months old and what I was doing. I miss him so much.’

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