The Celebrity Big Brother star is one smitten daddy


Perez Hilton was once known as one of the most scathing bloggers in showbiz. His website was notorious for bitchy comments and harsh put-downs. He once even called actor Adam Sandler’s then two year old daughter ugly.

But that was all before this little man came along.

Perez, who entered the Celebrity Big Brother house last night, shocked everyone when he announced the birth of his baby boy Mario Armando Lavandeira, III Perez Hilton, Jr in March 2013. No-one even knew he was expecting.

The baby, born using an anonymous egg donor and a surrogate, has become the love of smitten daddy Perez’s life.

He said: ‘When news first broke that I had a son, I was a trending topic on Twitter for over a day. Some of the reaction was negative, but it didn’t bother me. Most, however, was positive. Children bring people together. There is a bond parents have with other parents.’

The single dad regularly posts loving pictures of his little boy.

He revealed: ‘The joy of being a single dad is getting the love of my son every single
day… and the biggest challenge is I put more guilt and pressure on
myself because I am his only parent. As a result, my life completely
revolves around him. What will make him happiest.’

Perez has admitted that fatherhood has softened him as a person – and he regrets calling Adam Sandler’s child ugly, now that he has one himself.

‘I’m a lot
calmer since having my son — more centered — grounded. My son is like
an anchor! He’s a constant reminder of what matters most!’

1. Our hearts melt in March 2013 as Perez Hilton announces the birth of his adorable baby boy Mario Armando Lavandeira, III Perez Hilton, Jr – sending Twitter into meltdown as celebrities and fans alike congratulate the star blogger on his new baby. Taylor Swift sent him a hand-painted guitar as a baby gift.

2. Jazz hands: A chip off the old blog, sorry, block. It’s not long before Perez is showing his nipper his best jazz hands.

3. We’re off to see the Wizard. Papa Perez just loves to play Dorothy while his mini me is an adorable Tin Man in this Halloween shot.

4. Stepping out on my own. Mario hogs the limelight. Why not?

5. If there’s something strange, in the neighbourhood. Who you gonna call? Perez and lil Mario.

6.Taking to fatherhood like a duck to water. Who can resist bath time with this cutie?

7.Taking the Mick? We think not. We can’t get enough of Mario as Mickey.

8.Picture perfect – doting daddy Perez goes a little overboard with the matching outfits with his newborn.

9. Green with Envy – Perez and Perez Jnr snuggle up with Grandma Teresita – in matching green garms.

10. Baywatch babes – Perez Snr wears his red Baywatch style shorts for this topless shot with his little man.

11. Never too young for a selfie – we’re not sure who’s having more fun, Mario or his grinning daddy as they lark about in Central Park Zoo.

12. Move over Elton – Mario is becoming quite the talented toddler enjoying his new piano.

13. Bedtime cuddles – Perez cosies up to his mini-me for giggles before bedtime.

14. Monkey business – this kids has got skillz. Louis Smith, make some room as Mario shows off his gym skills.

15. Santa’s little helper – Perez and his little elf rocking under the Christmas tree.

16. Feeding time – Mario loves feeding his daddy – and Perez ain’t complaining!

17. Move over Donald Trump – little Mario’s taking over NYC