Paris Hilton jealousy of her ex-BFF leads her into trouble

Former BFFs Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian seem to have nothing in common any more.

They’re both 29, come from privileged backgrounds, got famous from leaked sex tapes and then became reality TV stars – but while Kim has the world at her feet, Paris‘s life is going into freefall.

It’s driving envious Ms Hilton bonkers!

Paris is going nuts over Kim‘s fame and it’s making her take bigger risks to keep her name on the radar,’ says an insider.

The heiress’s reckless behaviour has resulted in three drug-related run-ins with the law this summer, the most serious being on 27 August when she was arrested and charged with cocaine possession in Las Vegas.

While Kim earned over £4 million last year, Paris – who denies the charge – is now looking at four years in prison.

‘She’s been joking about how hot she looks in her mug shot and Googling herself,’ says an insider.

‘She plans to use her 25 pets as another excuse to avoid jail.

She says no one will be around to take care of them and they might die without her.

When her friends scoff at this defence, she says: “They’re very attached to me.”

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