And she's ready for a 'lesbian romp'

Paris Hilton is going to spend more time in jail – but only in a production of Prisoner Cell Block H: The Musical, in London’s West End.

The socialite, who spent 23 days behind bars earlier this year, will even take part in a ‘lesbian romp’ for the stage version of the Australian cult show.

‘Everyone is very excited. Paris is a major coup,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘The casting agents didn’t even think she’d try out but she swotted up with DVDs of the original show that she had flown in especially.

‘She absolutely loved it.’

And the heiress is taking her role very seriously.

‘Paris is keen to stretch herself as an actress so she’s happy to kiss another girl for the audience and actually thinks it’ll be fun to play a lesbian,’ says the insider.

‘She’ll also get to stretch her vocal chords and she loves that.’

We can hardly wait…

Suzannah Ramsdale