Heiress has so many clothes she has no time to wear them all


Paris Hilton readily admits she rarely wears anything a second time.

Most of her clothes are discarded after a single outing.

‘I never wear an outfit more than once unless it’s like, a really cool pair of jeans or a leather jacket,’ says the socialite, 29.

‘I have so many clothes in my closets that still have the labels on.

‘I see them so often I think I’ve worn them, but then I realise I haven’t.’

Paris isn’t wasteful though, and gives her spare clothes to people who’ll appreciate them.

‘I either give them to my friends or donate them to a charity so they can auction them off,’ she explains.

‘I like to do what I can to help.

‘I’m very conscious of how lucky I am, but I do work hard.’

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Kate Lucey