Heiress will ensnare him with 'amazing lasagne'

Paris Hilton wants a husband – and she’s planning to nab the perfect man with her signature pasta dish.

‘I make an amazing lasagne,’ she reveals. ‘I want to have a family and a guy.’

But surprisingly, 26-year-old Paris isn’t looking for a handsome chap.

‘I used to care about looks, but I’ve grown out of that stage,’ she insists.

‘They have to be a good person, someone I know would be a good husband, loyal and funny and smart. And somebody I can trust, with good chemistry.

‘I like a guy who can make me laugh.’

But Paris is concerned that prospective suitors will be put off by her public image.

‘This cartoon character that they’ve made of me is just completely false,’ she tells Elle.

‘It makes me mad. I just don’t get it.’