Heiress believes in prim and proper behaviour

Paris Hilton says the late Princess Di is her role mode – because of her good manners.

The Princess Of Wales was a stickler for decorum, writing handwritten thank-you notes after every social occasion, and Paris approves.

‘My inspiration is Princess Diana,’ she gushes. ‘She was a truly good person.’

The Simple Life star says her mother taught her to remain ‘polite and sweet’ in the face of critcism.

‘My mum always tells me to be myself and not get caught-up in the whole Hollywood thing,’ she explains. ‘People feel they have an obligation to be mean about me, but really, I can’t change their opinion.’

Paris, 27 – whose great-grandfather founded the Hilton hotel chain – also thinks it’s appalling to treat those in service industries badly.

‘If someone is rude to a waiter, that makes me really angry,’ she moans to S Magazine. ‘I don’t like people who have a bad attitude.’

Ashleigh Rainbird