Heiress's pillow pal is her pet monkey

Paris Hilton has stopped sleeping with men, but now shares her bed with a monkey.

The animal-loving heiress – who took a vow of celibacy last year – has revealed she snuggles up under her duvet with her pet baby monkey for company.

‘I don’t have sex unless I’m in a relationship. I’m old-fashioned when it comes to that. I really am,’ she tells Cosmo magazine.

‘Yes, I’ve kissed a lot of guys. I like to kiss, but that’s it. I don’t go home with anyone. I sleep with my animals, like my baby monkey, Brigitte Bardot.’

Paris, 25, has a menagerie of pets including a Chihuahua called Tinkerbell, a Kinkajou (a rainforest animal related to a racoon) called Baby Luv, a number of other dogs, a cockatoo and a ferret.

She’s a proper Dotty Doolittle.