Other passengers moved to accommodate 'injured' Lady Vic

Passengers were kicked out of their seats so Lady Victoria Hervey could have extra leg room.

Two friends, who’d paid an extra £75 each for more space by the exit, were asked to move by staff on their flight from LA to Heathrow to make way for a ‘lady’.

But they were shocked when, instead of a pregnant or elderly woman, the passenger who replaced them was Lady Victoria Hervey.

Tim Redman, 46, of Leamington Spa told the Daily Mirror: ‘She didn’t say thank you. She slammed her bag down, huffed and puffed and covered her face with a blanket.

‘It wound us up she was so rude to us when we’d done her a favour.’

Tim, and his friend Domininc James, had already spotted the 29-year-old IT girl being pushed around the airport before the flight – even though she was able to walk off the plane herself and collect her heavy bags from baggage reclaim.

Lady Victoria’s spokeswoman said she’d been in a bad mood because her gran had recently died and added: ‘She is moving house and tore a ligament in her leg. A friend told her to use a wheelchair to take the weight off it.

‘She wanted to sit by the exit to have room to stretch her leg out.’

When asked about her recovery when it came to leaving the plane she said: ‘A torn ligament is not deadly. She’s capable of carrying her bags.’