Actress fed up of jibes


Patsy Kensit is determined to make her marriage to DJ Jeremy Healy a success.

The Holby City star is tired of suggestions that she’s a man-eater.

‘I understand why people talk – I’ve been married 4 times!’ says Patsy. ‘The only thing that will silence people is when we get 40 years down the road, please God.’

Patsy, 41, is convinced that Jeremy, 47, is The One.

‘I know in my heart that this is it,’ she tells The Sun. ‘I’m not looking for someone to fulfil a role, to be anything other than my partner.

‘It’s taken me all these years to be in a good relationship and to be someone’s partner.’

Patsy was previously married to musician Dan Donovan, Simple Minds star Jim Kerr and Oasis singer Liam Gallagher.