Liam's ex-wife was madly in love with him

Patsy Kensit has revealed that she went to extreme lengths to save her marriage to Liam Gallagher.

The actress got hitched to the former Oasis frontman, 41, in 1997 after two years together but the relationship was strained.

Patsy was so determined to hold onto her man that she even turned down the role of Ross‘s British girlfriend Emily in Friends – a part eventually taken by Helen Baxendale – to spend time with Liam.

Friends was an offer you didn’t pass up,’ says Patsy, 45.

‘But I couldn’t commit to it. I knew I needed to be at home if my relationship with Liam was going to survive.

‘It was already a struggle keeping things together with his touring schedule. I was madly in love and I chose my marriage over the job.’

Despite the arrival of their son Lennon in 1999, Patsy and Liam couldn’t save their marriage and they split in 2000, though Patsy instantly regretted leaving him.

She resorted to doing a raunchy topless photoshoot in a magazine to try and get her husband back.

‘I didn’t know who I was at that point and I hate the photos,’ the mum-of-two writes in her autobiography Absolute Beginner.

‘I had breast implants at the time, which I subsequently had removed. Everything I did in the last 18 months of marriage was about trying to get Liam’s attention.

‘I think he had moved on while I still had feelings for him, and my heart was broken into a million pieces.’

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