Heading for another divorce as hubby refuses to settle down?


Patsy Kensit waited eight months to celebrate her wedding with a luxury holiday in the Maldives.

But as it turned out, the late honeymoon was the thing that damaged her fourth marriage to DJ Jeremy Healy.

The couple married last April, but have spent most of the past six months apart because of work.

The Maldives holiday with Lennon, Patsy‘s nine-year-old son by Liam Gallagher, was meant to ease the strain on the relationship, but it only highlighted the vast differences in their lifestyles.

Now friends fear it’ll end in divorce, with one telling Now: ‘It was never right, even on her wedding day. Everyone knew it. He’s not the one for her.’

The 41-year-old Holby City actress is said to be concerned about her hubby’s partying ways. Before marrying Patsy, Jeremy, 47, enjoyed a playboy image and he hasn’t let up on his jet-setting lifestyle.

Patsy‘s really insecure about what Jeremy does when he’s out DJing at clubs every night,’ says our insider.

‘She’s now very religious and instead of going out on the town is more likely to be saying prayers with her son at night.

Jeremy called off the wedding once because he was petrified of marriage.

Patsy first got married at 20, to musician Dan Donovan, before going on to wed Simple MindsJim Kerr, then Oasis‘s Liam Gallagher. Her pain will only be exacerbated by the fact that Jim is happily settled with his girlfriend, while Liam‘s been married to Nicole Appleton for nearly two years.

‘All her life Patsy has tried to find stability, but she’s attracted to bad boys who never give her the security she craves,’ says our source. ‘She really did want this to work, because she loves Jeremy, but she needs him to be an attentive, doting partner, which he’s just not capable of being.’

Patsy‘s PR declined to comment.

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