Paul Hollywood reveals that his waistline is as much of a concern to him as soggy bottoms

When you’re surrounded by cakes, it must be hard to resist temptation. We know we wouldn’t be able to look at all the doughy delights cooked up in the Bake Off tent without wanting to scoff the lot – and it seems Paul Hollywood has the same problem.

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‘You put on some pounds!’ he told the Sunday Express. ‘If it’s a heavy day I don’t have dinner. If it’s a three-layer cake, that can be a struggle!’

Honestly, we’d be more worried for anyone who didn’t want to eat the array of baked treats on offer on the show.

While Paul was happy to chat about his dough-fuelled waistline, he was more cagey on the subject of a Bake Off winner.

The final, which airs on Wednesday 7 October, will see Nadiya, Tamal and Ian battle it out – but Paul wouldn’t say which one he thought would clinch it.

‘I don’t have [a favourite],’ he said. ‘Honestly, we don’t mix with them very much.’

Either way, we’re sure Paul will be glad when it’s all over – for his belly’s sake!