World famous hypnotist Paul McKenna doesn't believe in short fix diets

If you wonder why your last diet didn’t work or why you’re still hungry even after a big meal, Paul McKenna has 
the answers.

The world’s most famous hypnotist and self-help guru, 50, whose past clients include Russell Brand, Geri Halliwell, David Beckham and his best pal Simon Cowell, says it’s emotional eating that makes you put on weight.

‘It’s generally triggered by stressful situations,’ he says.

‘It’s not real hunger. I can show you how 
to eat when you’re actually hungry – not when you think you’re hungry.’

Kim Kardashian praised the Atkins diet for helping her lose the baby weight. But Paul doesn’t believe it’s a long-term solution of keeping trim.

‘If it works for you, great,’ he says.

‘But be warned, most people put on more weight when they come off the diet.

‘I don’t know anyone who can stick to Atkins.

‘Robert Atkins was morbidly obese when he died. There’s an army of doctors against diets.’

Freedom From Emotional Eating by Paul McKenna (£12.99, Bantam Press) is out now

Read the full interview with Paul McKenna in this week’s Now magazine dated 13 January 2014 – download the digital edition now

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