Peaches had been addicted to the drug

Peaches Geldof‘s baby son was alone with her overnight after her death, an inquest has heard.

The socialite, 25, died from a heroin overdose and was found slumped on the bed of a spare bedroom at her Kent home by husband Thomas Cohen on 7 April at 1.30pm.

But the mum-of-two’s time of death is estimated at 8pm on 6 April, several hours before she was discovered.

Peaches had her youngest son Phaedra, who was 11 months old at the time, in the house with her while Tom had been away with their eldest child Astala at his parents’ home in London.

The inquest at North Kent Coroner‘s office today has also heard that Peaches had been a heroin addict and took the substitute drug methadone for two and a half years before her death.

Musician Tom told the court that he’d suspected Peaches was using heroin again in February and after confronting her about it she brought the drugs down from the loft and flushed them down the toilet.

When Peaches died various drug paraphernalia was found near her body, including tights, burnt spoons and a capped syringe hidden in a box of sweets.

Heroin of 61% purity was also found, which Tom was not aware had been in the house.

Puncture wounds were found on her body and there was evidence of codine, methadone and morphine in her blood.

The cause of death was ruled as opiate intoxication, with Coroner Roger Hatch concluding that her tolerance levels to heroin had decreased as she’d tried to get clean.

A police investigation into who supplied Peaches with the drugs is ongoing.

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Anna Francis