On a list of ‘what not to say to Oscar winning actresses’, calling out their supposedly ‘ugly feet’ must come pretty high on the list. Probably just below ‘your hands look like asparagus’.

But presenter of American show Today, Savannah Guthrie, decided it was her time to break manner-based boundaries and talk to Penelope Cruz about her ugly feet. Penelope Cruz. THE Penelope Cruz. Why? No one knows.

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The interview started out innocently enough, with routine questions about her role in new film Zoolander 2.

Then it edged into Penelope being able to cut hair, which is an odd fact but to be honest we’re all better off knowing it. On a film set and need a hair cut? Cruz will sort you out. Good stuff.

It jumped into the weird when Savannah Guthrie brought up that when Penelope Cruz first arrived in New York, she was so lonely that she used to take stray cats into her house. That is a peculiar conversational turn but that ‘being freaked out’ sensation is all on the Oscar winner over there.

Then Savannah just went for it. ‘I don’t even know how I feel about this.

‘I think you said it, that you, despite what you look like… you’ve said you have ugly feet.’

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And the world cringed together.

Why this was the last line of questioning is anyone’s guess, but Penelope clarified things after looking rightly weirded out.

‘No, no, no, no! I haven’t said that. I’m okay, I’m okay with my feet. I haven’t said that.’

Reigning in the shock, she adds: ‘When you’re a ballet dancer, you lose your toenails. You get used to throwing them away. You don’t even feel it anymore.’

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Ew. This whole interview is weird – Penelope Cruz is endearing and lovely but??? And why is the logical conclusion to an interview to ask someone about their feet?

Like the Dead Sea Scrolls or Kanye West’s fluctuating mental state, this just raises more questions than it answers.

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