Star wore prosthetic butt for latest film

Curvy Penélope Cruz received a rare request from the director of her latest film – to increase the size of her derrière.

Pedro Almodóvar asked the star of Volver to wear a prosthetic bottom for her movie role, as he felt she wasn’t curvy enough to play a mother.

‘Penélope naturally has the breasts, but the bottom was not enough,’ Pedro tells People magazine. ‘To me the iconography of mothers is more curvaceous. I wanted a more voluminous rear.’

The solution? A prosthetic device inspired by the one wore by Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie.

‘We were laughing so hard because people really thought it was Dustin’s butt – that it was the same piece of material,’ says Penélope, 32. ‘They asked him: “How do you feel about her wearing your butt?'”