Penn Badgley has been talking Joe Goldberg!

Penn Badgley reveals joe weakness netflix you

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The actor, who plays voyeuristic protagonist Joe Goldberg AKA Will Bettelheim in thrilling Netflix hit You, has opened up about his character and all of his famous homicidal tendencies.

Speaking in an interview to Entertainment Weekly, Penn talked about the sensitive side of his character Joe, revealing that he may in fact have a weakness.

Yep, it turns out that everybody’s favourite low-key serial killer does actually have a line that he won’t cross.

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According to Penn, Joe will draw the line when it comes to killing a child.

The witty schemer will apparently never take the life of a kid, which he has kind of demonstrated in his antics so far.

All the way in back in season one when Joe was just a seemingly innocent New York librarian, you may remember his right-hand man, or shall we say boy, Pedro.

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The ladies man kept a watch over the teenager, protecting him from his abusive stepfather who lived next door.

And it didn’t stop there.

Joe’s move to LA, where he became the new-leaf Will Bettelheim, brought another neighbour i.e. another teenager to protect from the dangers of the world.

This time the abusive stepfather was in the shape of a predatory Hollywood director who was getting a bit too close to Joe’s sassy teenage neighbour Ellie.

And we may have even seen it again when it comes to Joe’s own child, who currently resides in the womb of the unhinged Love.

“In the moment, he doesn’t kill Love because she’s pregnant, and it’s kind of silly in a way,” said Penn in the interview. “Why do you value that human life? Because it’s yours?”

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“Clearly Joe has the integrity of a saint when it comes to people underage,” added Penn, “and I think the writers are just like ‘We’re not gonna go there.’

“Even if it’s inconsistent. Even if people who are this bad might actually do that, and they probably do, I think we would all be nauseous and frankly I wouldn’t want to be there”.

Well it seems like Joe might already have a lot more on his mind than just protection when it comes to next season’s neighbour…