For Pen and Ian Waite, it's Strictly Come Dancing

Penny Lancaster says she and Strictly Come Dancing partner Ian Waite have a special relationship and can’t help but get tangled up on the dance floor.

‘Ian and I are so tall that our long limbs get in the way,’ she explains. ‘The balls of my feet are stinging because they’re so tender and I’ve had blisters and lots of bruises.

‘I do tend to be a bit clumsy. If I fall and twist my ankle, I’ll try to carry on and hope for the best. Ian’s brilliant, though. We have a genuine bond.

‘We’re not faking it – we really care about each other. You have to be that way in order to be a successful dance couple.’

Surely husband Rod, 62, dad to her son Alastair, 2, is a little bit jealous? Seems not…

‘Rod and Alastair are the last people I kiss when I walk out of the door and the first I kiss when I walk in,’ says Penny, 36. ‘Rod and Ian get on brilliantly – we invite Ian over for lunch in the week – so it’s not a problem.

‘It’s only dancing, it’s not exactly making love.’