Yup, this was all LIVE on stage...

Lets not lie- most of us could probably think of one or two slightly harsh words to describe our Ex.

Unless, of course, you had a really nice break-up. Or you’re just a really, really good person.

With that being said, however, we’d usually keep these opinions under wraps. Ya’know, probably only bring them out on special occasions, when we’ve maybe had a bit of the ol’ vino and ended up on a Facebook stalking mission.

So anyway- due to the fact that Perrie Edwards is our certified celeb BFF (we wish), we’d probably presume she’s no different to us. Right?! Right.

So, whilst Perrie has done a pretty mighty job of keeping her thoughts on ex-fiance Zayn Malik near-enough unspoken, it would appear that not *everything* can stay so hush hush…

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In fact, during a recent gig, Perrie *might* have let her true feelings slip out- having seemed pretty amused at a fan calling her Ex a rather rude name.

As the girls began performing their (aptly named) hit Shout Out To My Ex, one rather active fan in the crowd shouted out ‘Zayn Malik is a b**ch’. After realising what the fan had shouted, Perrie seemingly couldn’t fight the giggles and the Little Mix ladies burst into laughter.

Interesting… V. v. interesting…

Our Pez recently came under fire from Zayn’s current girlfriend, Gigi Hadid, after the original lyrics to Shout Out To My Ex were revealed- which appeared to be a pretty thinly veiled dig at Zayn and Gigi’s relationship.

The original lyrics are understood to have been- ‘Heard he been f*****g some model chick/ Yeah that sh*t hurt I’ll admit/ But f**k that boy I’m over it. Heard he in love with some other chick‘.

And, considering this very much would add up to being about supermodel Gigi (though, this is entirely unconfirmed), it is alleged that the lyrics were less than well received by the couple- with Gigi reportedly slamming Perrie for being ‘immature’.

Yup, you can check that one out right over *here*.

Alice Perry

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