Zayn Malik’s accused of bedding a waitress behind her back, but Perrie Edwards tells friends she’ll stick with him

After Perrie Edwards was spotted sneaking back into the home – and life – of her ‘love rat’ One Direction boyfriend Zayn Malik, we can reveal why she’s decided to stand by her man.

We’re told that despite evidence to the contrary – including pics of the 1D star in bed taken by Australian waitress Courtney Webb – an emotional Perrie, 19, is ‘in absolute denial’ that Zayn actually cheated.

Zayn, 20, is believed to have reassured Perrie of his love by hiring a private chef to cook them a romantic Valentine’s Day meal and also paying a top London florist to decorate his home with romantic red roses.

The Little Mix singer is reported to have accepted Zayn‘s explanation that Courtney crept into his room when he was asleep and took pictures of him. The idea that they had a romp is too much to cope with.

‘She doesn’t want to believe it,’ a close friend tells us.

Zayn’s given her enough reasons not to and she’s choosing to block it all out.

‘She loves him. Perrie‘s a really sweet girl and she won’t give up on him.

‘She says she can’t leave him.’

Courtney, 21, who met Zayn at a private party at his £2.2 million north London mansion after being invited by their mutual friend Leon Anderson, sold her story to a paper just days after her night with the young singer.

She revealed that Zayn had called her ‘beautiful’ and claimed that he said he didn’t have a girlfriend when she asked.

‘We sat on his bed and before I could say anything, he started snogging my face off, kissing me passionately,’ said Courtney.

‘It snowballed from there. We fooled around, then had sex.

‘It was amazing.’

She even disclosed intricate details about Zayn’s pad, including the wine cellar built into the floor, the upstairs cinema and the life-size Kung Fu Panda figure.

Heartbreakingly for Perrie, she also revealed that he apparently keeps condoms in a drawer in the laundry room.

Courtney, who used to work in a strip club, says she made up her mind to speak out when she saw Perrie’s jewellery, shoes and make-up in Zayn‘s bedroom and bathroom.

She added: ‘He’s an absolute shit.

‘How dare he – not only to me but to Perrie?’

Of that night, Courtney added: ‘There was no acknowledgement, no goodbye or see you later.

‘He got what he wanted and that was it.’

However, this isn’t the first time the 20-year-old’s been accused of cheating on his girlfriend.

In September 2012, an audio clip was leaked online that was claimed to be of Zayn arranging to meet girls in his hotel room.

Just a month earlier, in August 2012, he quit Twitter after getting abuse for allegedly being filmed through a spy hole asking a fan to come back into his hotel room.

It could’ve all been totally innocent of course and Zayn‘s strongly denied it was him on both counts.

For the moment, though, it appears Perrie‘s refusing to listen to the rumours.

Courtney, meanwhile, has been bombarded with death threats from 1D fans all over the world.

She’s also been forced to change her number after it was revealed online.

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