Rocker weeps after missing flight to Austria


Pete Doherty was so upset when his hat got creased at an airport that he started crying.

The Babyshambles frontman, 29, was due to fly to Salzburg, Austria, to play a gig last weekend.

‘I informed British Airways of my late arrival,’ he explains. ‘I told them I was a kind of minor celebrity and I might get a bit of hassle at the airport.

‘Turns out they are complete arseholes. Even when I fell over and badly creased my hat, I had no assistance.’

And Pete admits he was so frustrated he started to blub.

‘I was crying but I didn’t want them to see,’ he tells the Sunday Mirror.

‘A cynic might say I missed the plane, an honest man might say I went to the airport a little late.’

Alison Adey