Singer vows to kick drugs for girlfriend Kate Moss

Babyshambles frontman Pete Doherty confesses he’s given up drugs for another addiction.

The junkie rocker, 27, told fans at a gig at the Ambassador in Dublin on Tuesday that he’s hooked on rehab.

In what was one of Pete’s first performances since checking out of The Priory on Monday, Pete told a pal: “The only drugs I’m on at the moment is a little bit of booze.’

Pete, who is dating 32-year-old supermodel Kate Moss, was heard saying: ‘I’m going to do it for the lads and for Kate.

‘We’ve been through a lot together, everyone has stood by me during my darkest moments.’

Pete explains: ‘I was really worried that I couldn’t be creative without the drugs but now I know that I can.’

According to today’s Daily Mirror, Pete hopes to go back to The Priory regularly to see his doctors and has promised to stay away from drug dens and other junkie hotspots.

Watch this space.

Muzakkir Iqbal