Singer shows certificate confirming he passed drugs test


Pete Doherty has been released from prison – having served just 29 days of his 14-week sentence.

The singer was locked up in Wormwood Scrubs Prison for breaking the terms of his probation.

But he was released early as part of a scheme to reduce overcrowding.

The 29-year-old showed waiting reporters a certificate confirming he passed a drugs test while inside.

When asked what was the worst thing about prison, he joked: ‘Gangsters and Radio 4, basically.’

The Babyshambles frontman said he was looking forward to hooking up with his bandmates and getting to work on the next album.

He said he was ‘buzzing’ after his release.

‘I feel great – I’ve walked out and I don’t feel like I want to score,’ he added.

‘I feel like I want to go for a nice walk in the park instead.’