Fan throws TV out of window after gig

Pete Doherty was left fuming after a fan trashed one of the rooms his band Babyshambles hired at Glasgow’s City Inn hotel.

The man had joined the band at the hotel after a gig on Thursday night – but ended up hurling a flatscreen TV and a DVD recorder from the window. And a carpet was also slashed. Pete was asleep in his own room when the incident took place.

‘Someone followed the band to the hotel, started making a d**k of himself and thought it was rock’n’roll to throw a TV out of the window,’ says an insider.

The band’s management called the police and the man has been made to foot the bill for the damage. He was also warned to stay away from the band.

‘We go about our music and do what we do. I’m not saying we’re angels, but it’s childish to throw TVs out of windows,’ the insider tells The Daily Record.

Danielle de Nervaux

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