Rocker hatches his craziest ever rehab plan

Pete Doherty has hatched his craziest plan yet – to ditch booze and drugs while living above a North London pub.

To make matters worse, the pub in question – the Boogaloo in Archway – is a favourite of hard-drinking Pogues frontman Shane McGowan, 49.

It’s also where Pete and ex-lover Kate Moss, 33, regularly belted out crazed karaoke duets when they first started dating.

‘Sooner or later Pete’s going to come face to face with temptation,’ a source tells the Daily Star.

‘He’s bound to have a few drinks when he’s out of rehab. Plus it reminds him of happier times with Kate.’

But the plan may not be quite as crazy as it sounds.

Pete, 28, checked into The Clouds Clinic in Wiltshire 28 days ago and believes the Boogaloo’s musical heritage will inspire him to stay clean and concentrate on his songs.

‘It’s more of a musical institution than a boozer,’ adds the mole.

‘Pete believes that it’ll help him creatively to be constantly in a place that inspires him and where he’s performed.

‘That doesn’t mean he’ll go back to the drugs. He associates the Boogaloo with playing his music.’

Phil Boucher