Musician can't wait to become a dad

Pete Wentz has revealed that wife Ashlee Simpson could give birth any day now.

‘I’m permanently on-call right now,’ the Fall Out Boy frontman told Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show yesterday.

‘She is at the very end, and it could happen at any point.’

Pete says they’re both looking forward to the arrival of their first child.

‘[She’s] excited, she’s anxious…I think she wants it to be over,’ he explained.

‘She just wants to not be pregnant any more. She wants to have it because it’s, like, a struggle to go up and down the stairs…going out in public’s insane.

‘She’s hot all the time. She’s like “I wish I was in Canada right now.” Our room temperature is set to, like, 34 degrees. It’s insane!’

Pete, 29, and Ashlee, 24, announced they were expecting in May shortly after they tied the knot.

They have denied rumours they are having twins.

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