Singer says he has learned how to deal better with unhappiness

Fall Out Boy frontman Pete Wentz says being a dad has helped him finally beat his demons.

The singer tried to kill himself eight years ago with an overdose of Ativan anxiety pills, but he says that now he is able to manage life’s ups and downs much better.

‘Before, I was in a place where it was all or nothing but now I allow myself to have fights with people but they don’t have to be friendship-ending fights,’ Pete says.

‘I allow myself to be unhappy but now I express being unhappy.’

Pete, who has son Bronx Mowgli with his ex Ashlee Simpson, 28, who he split from in 2010, says the arrival of his baby changed his attitude to life.

‘I think you need something to take care of in order to figure out who you are as a person and in that way, being a dad has levelled me out more than anything.’

Ashlee, is now dating actor Vincent Piazza, 35, while Pete is with model Meagan Camper.